Sacha Pinto, Entrepreneur, the Owner of the FeONA Company
Sacha Pinto, Entrepreneur, the Owner of the FeONA Company

Hi I’m Sacha Pinto, Founder and Creator of The FEoNA Company. Growing up, what I craved emotionally was a sense of belonging and wanting to help. And after reflecting on my past and looking at my career journey, I realize where my sense of empathy came from, why I love to make people feel included and how I love to help people. I realized that standing out is a good thing, to embrace it and to encourage others to stand out too. I stand up for what I believe is right, so others won’t be taken advantage of. This is my way of making an impact and contributing to the world.

I spent many years wondering what my passion was. In my corporate life, I spent most of my career in hospitality sales and marketing. As an entrepreneur, I supported women who owned their own businesses as Licensed Owner of a membership based organization. Through this experience, I learned a lot about myself and of the amazing, smart, talented women pursuing their dreams. We shared many experiences, ideologies, trials and tribulations!

One thing was glaringly evident: we serve many and rarely ourselves. And from this realization, an idea was born: a subscription box for Female Entrepreneurs of North America, The FEoNA Box. A guilt-free experience of treating yourself while investing in yourself. This lifestyle and business subscription box offers specially curated items to inspire, empower, spoil! And the bonus is it’s a partial business tax write-off because it contains business building items!

The FEoNA Company also offers consultation services, online courses, and promotion to inspire, motivate and help female entrepreneurs grow personally and professionally.

I am clear on what my passion is now.

The FEoNA (Female Entrepreneurs of North America) Company is dedicated to helping female entrepreneurs succeed!

I am so excited about this phase of my entrepreneurial journey and would love to share in yours!


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